What is Pediatric Dentistry?

Why choose a pediatric dentist?

Pediatric Dentistry is the dental specialty recognized by the American Dental Association which encompasses comprehensive dental care for all children, from infancy through adolescence.

A children’s dental specialist like Dr. Anna is a practitioner who, after becoming a general dentist (often called a family dentist), has completed an additional two years of post­ doctoral training specific to the pediatric patient.  Specialty education includes child physiology, growth and development, child psychology and behavior management, pharmacology for the pediatric patient, sedation and general anesthesia, preventive techniques, restorative dentistry, and the treatment of children with special health needs. Dr. Anna has gone beyond those requirements to become a Board Certified Pediatric Dentist. 

Choosing a pediatric dentist like Dr. Anna will help ensure your child gets the specialized care they need during their precious formative years!

Kids Dental Services

Oral Hygiene Instruction

Ensuring that each child understands proper brushing and flossing technique is critical to our success in preventing dental disease. We will spend time teaching and reinforcing these skills and will also discuss eating habits…the third and very important ingredient to dental disease. Our goal is to ensure you and your children have all of the information and the skills necessary for excellent oral health.

Restorative Dentistry

This is how we “fix teeth.” If your child has restorative treatment that needs to be completed the doctor will customize the restorative plan specifically for them.  Although every child’s dental needs will be different, the doctor will develop a plan to best suit the patients age, temperament, medical history and urgency. We are committed to discussing your options and answering your questions before treatment begins. Our doctors welcome and encourage questions and want you to be a part of our team as we create a healthy smile for your child.

Growth and Development

As a pediatric dental specialist, Dr. Anna is an expert on the growth and development of children’s dentition, jaws and craniofacial structures. Early growth and development evaluation may provide your child with a more positive experience should they need braces in the future.

Emergency Treatment

While our goal is to prevent dental emergencies, we understand that the need for urgent dental care is sometimes necessary and can be a stressful experience for both parents and children. We strive to handle dental emergencies promptly and with compassion. See our Emergencies page.