Carrie Butler


Carrie joined our team in 2007.  She holds a degree in Biology and found dentistry to be a good fit for her interests and we are SO LUCKY that she did.  She has mastered all tasks in our Business and Administration areas and assumed the position of Business Manager in 2010.  In a world where insurance benefits and plans are ever changing, ever evolving and ever confusing, Carrie strives to make all matters relating to finances and insurance as pleasant and painless as possible.  A perfectionist by nature, Carrie works tirelessly behind the scenes, juggling many moving pieces and parts within the practice, to ensure every detail is running smoothly.  Computers, phone lines, copiers, printers, faxers, scanners, answering machines…you name it, she does it.  Her knowledge and  expertise with business matters make our office run efficiently and her silly and motivating spirit make our office run happy.

Carrie is a ball of energy and when she is not working hard at the office, she is equally busy outside of the office.  She is married to one of Alexandria Police Department’s finest officers, is a busy mother of two awesome kiddos, is an avid Cross Fitter, an exercise enthusiast, a lake girl, a baseball mom, a raiser of chickens and the list goes on!  Forever a kid at heart, Carrie’s feisty, silly spirit is contagious!